Torrington, AB

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We are a family run business based out of Torrington, AB, which was founded by Tetyana Lobkova on May 2016. Our company mission is to use locally sourced ingredients from local farmers, and central Alberta’s distributors. We also network with small family owned companies to provide unique products and services to our customers. All our recipes and pierogies are handcrafted, and tested for quality. If our family does not believe in a product we simply do not make it.


Taste of Ukraine’s pierogies are made from traditional recipes that have been passed down through the family for generations. We use high quality, locally sourced ingredients for our dough and for the pierogies stuffing. Every pierogie is carefully hand stuffed & pinched by one of our family members.


Just as we do with our pierogies, we use carefully selected ingredients for all of our soups. Our soups are intended to bring warmth and comfort during the coldest days of our Canadian winter and to bring an abundance of flavours for you to enjoy.


Cabbage Rolls
To have 600 head of cabbage come into our kitchen at one time is a sight to see!  All of the ingredients are local…and delicious.  This is true comfort food.