Pasture-Raised Beef, Roasts

Pasture-Raised Beef, Roasts


Slim-Pickens Farm near Swalwell, AB has wrangled up some amazing cuts of beef, namely roasts! They come in a range of cuts and prices, so read through the list carefully and note that some items are more poundage or are different price/lb than others. All meat comes frozen.


Inside Round, boneless: Small-  $27.00 (2.8 lbs. approx)

                                                  Medium- $38.00 (4 lbs. approx)

                                                  Large- $55.00 (5.75 lbs. approx)


Eye of Round, boneless: $50.00 (4.5lbs. approx)


Outside Round, boneless: Small- $24.00 (2.6 lbs. approx)

                                                      Medium- $28.00 (3.08 lbs.)

                                                      Large- $34.00 (3.74 lbs.)

Sirloin tip roast: $50.00 (4.5 lbs. approx)


Raised by Slim Pickens Farm near Swalwell, AB