Where are the tomatoes?!

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Hi all you lovely people,

Happy 2021! We are glad to be back to a regular schedule of serving up some of the best Alberta has to offer. Thanks for your support for the Rosebud Country Market as we continue to grow our business and expand our outreach.

Some of you have asked why you don't see some of your favourite vegetables on the site (tomatoes, basil, kale, eggplant, carrots, beets and Romaro peppers). Here's why:

Gull Valley Greenhouses in Lacombe, where those amazing tomatoes come from, routinely clean out their greenhouse entirely in January and start a whole new crop. This is for the purpose of pest management and makes for a healthier future crop. Gull Valley grows the tomatoes, basil and kale. We can expect to see the basil and kale back at the end of February, and the tomatoes at the start of April.

The same practice is happening at Doef's Greenhouses, also in Lacombe, so we can expect to see the Romaro peppers and eggplant back by the end of March.

Cucumbers, peppers and lettuce will be in full production throughout the winter. Doef's Greenhouses do a similar clean out, but they stagger their cleaning so that they always have production of specific vegetables.

“Absence make the heart grow fonder," they say; we will sure be thankful to see these vegetables back at the Country Market, Thanks for your understanding. We love to bring you the best seasonal vegetables that Alberta has to offer, and we are grateful for the farmers who do all this great work.

Stay safe and we hope to see you soon!

The Rosebud Country Market Team

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